Think-Lands: Four Fantastic Products Go on Sale in China!

YOKOHAMA, Japan–(GlobalreleaseWire)–Think-Lands Co., Ltd. (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) is one of the leading venture companies in Japan and has succeeded in developing the following products.

Multi-channel optical switches, multi-channel tunable lasers, polarization controllers and “PFDA (Photonic Frequency Domain Analyzer)” will be released in China.

-Multi-channel optical switch

The system can switch an optical input signal to any out-put channel with high performance.

It is possible to manufacture optical switches with the number of channels according to the request.

-Multi-channel tunable laser

The system is a transmission light of DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing), and then output signal wavelength can be set arbitrarily.

Each unit can be equipped with up to 8 channels of laser, and software that can control up to 10 units and 80 channels is included.

-Polarization controller

The system can easily and manually adjust the polarization state.

-PFDA (Photonic Frequency Domain Analyzer)

PFDA is very unique frequency characteristic measurement system for optical modulation devices and receivers which are installed in ultrawide band telecommunication systems.

The system consists of a Think-Lands two-tone light source and a Rohde & Schwarz vector network analyzer.

Think-Lands has completed the practical development of this light source based on the research results of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology.

About Think-Lands

Think-Lands creates and expands a state-of-the-art product originating in Japan by linking its own high-level “optical technology” and “electric signal processing technology” with the high-performance “latest technology” owned by government and academia.

In the optical system equipment and various inspection and measurement sensor businesses, we consistently carry out everything from initial optical design to component selection, highly efficient optical mounting / assembly, and inspection. In addition, we also support the design and manufacture of drive electrical circuits based on high-performance, high-speed electrical signal processing technology, and the construction of algorithms and control software. We can meet the needs of a wide range of customers, from devices to equipment and systems, so please feel free to contact us.

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