Danny Green Throws in a PORTL Hologram Machine with Ring

Los Angeles, CA, May 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The world’s first volumetric pro sports memorabilia NFT dropped on the eve of the playoffs by 3-time Champion Danny Green and the new  NFT management and curation platform and marketplace New Renaissance. The buyer will also receive a PORTL Epic to display the 1:1 AR rendering of a uniquely created Danny Green 2020 Championship Ring, and can even display it at 10-20x its actual size. See it here.

The NFT drop benefits Black entrepreneurs and coincides with Green’s urgent push to get BIPOC more involved in crypto and other innovations. Green was an early investor in Los Angeles-based PORTL, alongside prolific VC Tim Draper (Tesla, Skype, Twitch). 

”In my career before becoming a hologram tech entrepreneur, I worked for the media broadcast of the Los Angeles Lakers during several championship seasons,”  said PORTL inventor and CEO David Nussbaum. “So now to not only be able to count Danny Green as one of our investors, but to also be part of the historic NFT of his championship ring, it is a true full-circle-dream.”

PORTL beams 4K resolution, volumetric projections  — often called holograms — with custom shadows and reflections so real people can’t tell the person or object is not actually there. The units are portable and plug-and-play, and are fully interactive, with touch screen and AI capabilities. The size of the PORTL presented with Danny Green’s NFT is dependent on the final NFT sales price, with the buyer receiving a tabletop PORTL Mini once the hammer price passes $150K or a 7-foot tall PORTL Epic when the price surges past $300k.

PORTL is also known for “beaming” people across the globe to have real interactive presence without traditional air travel. It recently beamed P. Diddy from Miami to L.A. so he could participate in his son King Combs’ birthday party, and PORTL beamed the CEO of IWC Watches Christoph Grainger from Switzerland to Shanghai so he could meet with buyers at the most important watch event of the year. 

The NFT includes other benefits such as a special edition AR app that will beam Green’s NBA Championship ring on to people’s hands, and control an AR version of the ring hanging over the Staples Center. The winner will also have the opportunity to play a game of horse with Green in person after the NBA Playoffs — redeemable only if the buyer doesn’t sell it for 90 days. 

New Renaissance is revolutionizing the way culture is created, traded and protected. It is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain focused on digital collectibles from high end artists, celebrities and iconic brands, and with an added layer of legitimacy and legal protection on the blockchain itself. It works directly with each creator to curate a bundle of digital assets and experiences that make up each NFT to establish a multidimensional, authentic, and enduring relationship between creators and their fans. 

The advantages of the newly launched NR platform are numerous. NR uses the Moonpay payment gateway to facilitate secure, seamless transactions without the bottlenecks and time-wasting friction of payment processing of other platforms. NR utilizes multi-layer authentication on the backend and mandatory 2FA for buyers. The verification process for both buyers and sellers drastically mitigates risk of hacking that other platforms have faced. By offering Moonpay via Fortmatic, NR is KYC & AML compliant. While current platforms cannot establish any buyer rights or protections, NR utilizes a specific NFT agreement to legally grant and ensure rights.

Additionally, the NR platform is committed to donating 1% of sale value to verified tree plantation projects done by Aspiration, and in the next two months, the platform will be adding a feature to ensure every transaction is carbon neutral. 

NR is a curated marketplace, meaning the creators and their work are vetted and verified before being featured. Unlike other platforms, NR does not require the artist to pay any upfront fees while listing the NFT. Furthermore, as early as June, NR will be deploying social features on the platform that will enable buyers to showcase their art to third parties and interact with other users on the platform such as an AR metaverse For more information and details about this particular NFT launch, please visit: www.newrenaissance.io ### 

More information about PORTL at portlhologram.com

Embeddable video of the NFT in the PORTL Epic here.

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About New Renaissance 

New Renaissance (NR) is an NFT curator and marketplace built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and focused on digital collectibles from high end artists, celebrities and iconic brands, and with an added layer of legitimacy and legal protection on the blockchain itself. Our team has collectively built 7 companies, 7 patent/peer-reviewed articles, and contributed to 4 Crypto ICOs including Ziliqa-2 Token (Owned by Ziliqa $2.2B market cap) and 15+ fintech products including 10 Banking Systems. www.newrenaissance.io 

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