Eric Camehl The Serial Entrepreneur Is Elevating All His Businesses

Born and raised in the United States, Eric Camehl has spent time in both Texas and Michigan before his time serving in the US Army. While in the Army, Eric was focused on his tasks at hand, but also building a business back home when he was deployed in Afghanistan. “I would say my biggest success is buying a business that I knew nothing about while deployed to Afghanistan. Being able to succeed, improve it, grow it and sell it which allowed me to move onto the next journey,” says Camehl. From that moment on he knew that he was meant to be an entrepreneur. The only question is what’s next?

For Eric, the world of business is nothing new. He owns various businesses currently which include a real estate firm called Re/Max Masterpiece located out in Port St. Lucie, Florida, a title company, a commercial painting company, and is also opening his newest venture, an online CBD company. He also assists other agents in growing their businesses by over 150 percent in only eight months. Noting that he hasn’t found exactly what he wants to do yet, Camehl plans to continue to spread his business seed wide and build as many things up as he possibly can. 

Owning multiple businesses and being able to open another venture is something that very few people are capable of, and Eric Camehl knows this. He is grateful to be where he is today, but it didn’t come with its more than fair share of tough times. “Like most people I had a bad childhood, I battled depression and had low self-confidence for the longest time. Not having a mentor, seven deployments and moving around a lot added to the challenges but also made me who I am today,” says Camehl. He has defeated anything that has stood in his way thus far and intends to continue to do so in all his future endeavors.

Eric Camehl is a self-made entrepreneur, and a good one to say the least. “The first thing I would tell someone that was on their journey to be a successful businessperson is their mindset. Family and so-called friends are not going to support you and you cannot listen to the naysayers which happens to most people,” says Camehl. He has experienced all that firsthand and wants to share that with others, so they don’t feel like they’re alone in their journey. He’s a man that wants to ultimately give back to the people with his businesses.

A strong mindset and drive to deliver value to the world fuels Eric Camehl through the tough times, as he knows the sweetness and the ability to do much more on the other side. Let Eric be an inspiration for what it means to be an entrepreneur as he has truly put in the work to be in the impressive place that he is today. Keep an eye on Eric as he continues to navigate through the world of business searching for his passion and taking others along for the ride with him.

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