Signitory Unveiled Its Latest Innovation Aimed at Enhancing the E-Signature Market

Signitory is a mobile digital signature platform that enables you to sign documents remotely and from any location to meet your deadlines. Signitory’s software helps both business entities and individual consumers meet government-set social distancing standards while also reducing legal fees and lost time.

Signitory operates on blockchain-powered software with the following features:

  • Your own custom-designed signature templates where you design, upload and label them accordingly. Thus, ensuring your text will be aligned properly etc. and mistake-free.
  • A Bulk Send feature that you can send your signed document to various users with a click of the mouse.
  • Using the blockchain system, every document signature is checked against a public database to ensure it’s genuine. This platform runs on transparency because any changes made are tracked on the blockchain ledger.

Signitory’s goal of becoming digitally aware is to become a digital industry leader and an international standard-bearer as the most Digitally Trusted Platform. The company wants to develop more innovative marketing models that break through the existing frameworks, adding more ways of doing things within the market.

One of the most important issues that companies are facing now is digital transformation. With technology, organizations must rethink their existing abilities and structures to remain competitive with industry leaders. Businesses focused on innovation run the risk of falling behind competitors in their field if they do not embrace this change, but it can be avoided by making a few simple alterations.

Signitory specializes in e-signatures, so it’s no surprise that they are developing a series of specialized solutions for different customer needs. The company knows that different sectors have their own laws and regulations, so it is always ready to listen and create customized solutions for each customer.

Signitory integrates with different types of people, including but not limited to individual users, professionals, SMEs and major corporations. Signitory offers a solution that balances both safety and affordability so you get exactly what you need.

Determining which technologies to adopt and how they will affect organizational methods is complicated. Regardless of acceptance levels, technological advancements could change business strategy.

Signitory is excited to announce the launch of its new pilot program, “Zero-touch, Still Solid Agreements” today! We’re inviting you to participate and be a part of this innovative e-signature software company. As the project progresses, Signitory will want your feedback on what we have done and improved for you so far. We’ll also ask about any features or changes that would make your experience even better.

To activate your free sign up, please fill out the survey form and we will give you an extra 30-days of use!

About Signitory:

In 2020 Kee Choy Lai and Carlo Chung established Signitory to create a more comprehensive signing experience via blockchain. Signitory’s ultimate goal is to increase efficiency and quality of life in society by increasing coordination and making transactions easier and less time-consuming. Thus, Signitory uses blockchain technology and other digital tools to increase efficiency in a business.

Press Contact:


Company: Signitory 

Person: Kee Choi Lay and Carlo Chung

Email for investment opportunities: [email protected] 

Email for general inquiries: [email protected] 

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