Do You Need Insurance On a Dirt Bike?

Dirt Bikes are a little different from regular motorcycles. Some states require dirt bikes to be registered while others consider it a utility vehicle and do not require compulsory registration. However, if you are planning to take your bike on the highway for a nice ride, getting it registered and insured is mandatory. Motorcycle insurance protects dirt bikes to a sufficient extent. But you can also choose an insurance plan especially designed for dirt bikes.

This guide will tell you everything that you need to know about getting a dirt bike insured. Also, if you are looking for the best deals on motorcycle insurance, you click here to check out affordable quotes from Surex.

Why Do You Need Insurance For Your Dirt Bike

Before we proceed any further, you should know exactly why you need insurance for your dirt bike. Here are a few situations in which having an insured dirt bike will come in handy:

1. If It’s An Expensive Dirt Bike

Even if you are riding an expensive dirt bike as a utility vehicle, the possibility of an accident remains unaltered. Depending on the model, dirt bikes can be costly. This will, in turn, increase the cost of repairing them. 

If your dirt bike gets into an accident, then it will take a toll on your finances if you try to repair it from your own pocket. In this case, insurance will come in very handy. It will take care of the repair expenses of your bike, including getting an entire part replaced. 

2. If You Are Driving The Bike On Highways Or Major Roads

Regardless of the vehicle you drive, you must get liability insurance if you are driving on major roads of your city. Liability insurance takes care of the expenses for bodily injuries as well as covers damages in case you hit another party on the road. In Canada, you need to have a minimum of $200,000 liability coverage. Moreover, the minimum coverage for liability insurance varies depending on the state you reside in.

3. If Your Area Has High Crime Rate

Accidents aren’t the only thing that poses a threat to your vehicle. Vandalism and robbery are equally probable and therefore a matter of concern. Hence, if you live in an area that has a high crime rate, it is wise to get comprehensive coverage. The comprehensive coverage will compensate for your losses in case your bike is vandalized or stolen. 

What Does Dirt Bike Insurance Cover

Whether you opt for regular motorcycle insurance or an insurance plan specifically for dirt bikes, the coverage remains almost similar.

Here is a list of policies as well as things that are covered by dirt bike insurance:

1. Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is meant to cover the expenses and compensate for the other party’s losses involved in an accident. This kind of coverage kicks in only when you are at fault. The coverage will pay for the other driver’s medical expenses as well as vehicle damage. The maximum amount paid to the other driver will depend on your coverage limit. Also, in case the other driver decides to file a lawsuit against you, this policy will take care of your legal expenses.

2. Uninsured Motorist Coverage 

If you’re injured in an accident caused by someone else’s fault, this policy will take care of your expenses. Generally, in this case, it is the other driver’s liability insurance that should cover your losses. However, if the at-fault driver does not have sufficient liability insurance, the uninsured motorist coverage will protect you from a financial disaster.

3. Collision Coverage

Collision coverage would compensate for your losses if your car was involved in a crash. This crash could be with another vehicle on the road or with a tree or a pole. Regardless of the cause, your losses will be covered by the insurance provider. However, you will be required to pay the pre-decided deductible amount for the insurance to kick in.

4. Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage will come in handy for all potential factors of damage other than a crash. Damage can be caused by: 

  • Fire
  • Animal attack
  • Natural disaster
  • Vandalism
  • Theft

Comprehensive coverage will compensate for your losses in all the situations mentioned above. But just like collision coverage, you will have to pay an upfront deductible.

How To Get A Discount On Dirt Bike Insurance

Insurance policies are costly; hence you might want to know the hacks to get a discount on your premiums. However, there aren’t many discounts on dirt bikes. But we’ve managed to dig out three hacks that can help you save a sizable amount on your premium.

1. Install Anti-Theft Devices  

Dirt Bikes are expensive; hence they’re more prone to being stolen. Installing anti-theft devices reduces the risk on your insurance provider’s part. Since you’ve reduced their risk, they return the favor by offering cheaper premiums.

2. Maintain A Clean Driving Record

No matter what vehicle you drive, a clean driving record helps build credibility as a driver. It also shows that you are less susceptible to file a claim. This makes you a low-risk party and hence you qualify for cheaper premiums.

3. Complete A Driving Course 

Whether or not you will get a discount based on a recently completed driving course is highly subjective. It depends on the company you are buying the policy from. But completing a driving course ensures your safety as a driver. Moreover, you might also qualify for a little discount.


Insurance isn’t an option but a legal mandate. So it’s better to utilize this opportunity to make the most of your investment. Insuring a dirt bike isn’t much different from insuring a regular motorcycle. However, depending on the model, your dirt bike might need extra protection, increasing the premium you shell out. Opting for reputable companies like Surex will help you find affordable yet inclusive policies for motorcycles.

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