KittyCake Comes up with a Unique Volume-Based Reward System

KittyCake is a new token in the already blooming crypto space. They offer what is known as ‘reflections’ on each transaction to every holder, trader and individual who holds their token called KCAKE in their wallets, in proportion to the amount they are having. In one line, this means that about once an hour every holder will receive a reward of Pancake Swaps CAKE token directly in their wallet depending on the amount of token they are holding.

Their reward system entirely depends on volume, so if there’s a lot of trading volume, then equally, there are a lot of rewards. So even if the rewards drop off, holders and traders can still sell, generate volume, and earn rewards, which prompts trading and return from the start. Like this, the price could potentially enter a period where the rewards system regulates the token price.

According to KittyCake, 12% of their total tokens are reserved for redistribution, another 2% for liquidity into the liquidity pool, 3% for marketing and volatile conditions and finally 1% for disincentivizing selling, which will be burnt. This means that whenever a transaction takes place a total of 16% of that transaction will be taxed upon and distributed to the holders as a reward (10%).

Some of the notable features of KittyCake are:

Live Website 

The team at Kittycake always put on a live website, much before their token launch. The project helps its user and holder to gain all the information they need, to also check their rewards and holdings. Their overall progress is unlike anything seen in crypto space.

Verified contract on BSCSCan 

The coin is verified by the BSCSCan and also has its contract code. This provides extra authenticity and also educates the holder to stay away from scam tokens.

Comes with locked liquidity 

Kitty cake has their liquidity locked for 6 months. This ensures that the holders and future traders are aware of other fake coins.

Fully audited

The token is audited even before it’s official launch proving the token’s legitimacy, efficiency and usability.

The cost of each KCAKE is currently valued at $.0001, from a launch-time low of $.00000748. The team at Kitty cake is eagerly looking forward to a revolutionary dashboard that is never before seen. They will also arrange many promotional and celebrity events to promote their token. The team has also planned to reward its most holders and traders. Their website supports multiple languages and options, proving they are not just targeted to any particular community but welcomes every ordinary individual.

The developer’s and team have planned on digital and active marketing campaigns to attract crowds. Kittycake is going to apply for listing of KCAKE on all major exchanges including Binance, Coinbase Global Inc., all major data providers including coinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and many other reputed Decentralised exchanges. But besides being just a crypto token, they had a noble cause as well. The team will carry charity drives to help sheltered animals and stray animals. They will provide them with the shelter, food and care they need. The team has many good ideas on keeping the volume up to a level that will generally be rewarding for everyone. The future for KittyCake is very bright indeed. Smart contracts will help traders bridge the gap in a way that keeps both parties happy. Kitty Cake is a definite revolution in the world of crypto and can be expected to go places.

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