Save Planet Earth Token Turns 3 Months Old

SavePlanetEarth Token ($SPE), the cryptocurrency with sustainability at its heart, celebrated 3 months in business on July 9th, 2021. This marks a milestone that is already filled with achievements by the fledgling socially conscious technology company. Founded by Imran Ali, and already listed on 5 exchanges! Enormous strides have been made, and this is just the beginning!

Save Planet Earth Token is Focused on Sustainability

Saving the planet through cryptocurrency is a goal that exists to put the human race light years ahead utilizing bleeding-edge technology and mixing it with an unstoppable global movement that is currently battling deforestation. Through planting trees to offset the carbon footprint of this cryptocurrency, and to offer their token as a solution to industries that are pollution-heavy and in need of Carbon Credits, SavePlanetEarth Token is counteracting the biggest complaint that exists within this industry.

With goals that include improving the tree cover, increasing our use of renewable energy, and managing our marine life better, SavePlanetEarth Token lobbies for meaningful legal controls and holds markets accountable for exploring their carbon footprint, while coming up with solutions.

SavePlanetEarth has already made a sizable impact in the sustainability field by partnering with governments and non-government organizations to contract over 100 million trees in Sri Lanka, and 1 million trees in the Maldives to be planted, and organically grow carbon credits throughout the Earth. On this past Earth Day alone, 11,000 trees were planted in Sri Lanka by the SavePlanetEarth Token, with many more on the way. The types of trees planted were pepper, tea, and jackfruit to name a few; trees were chosen because of their close relationship to the indigenous population, providing a holistic perspective on sustainability.

Through the utilization of strategic partnerships, and with a focus on the growing international cryptocurrency market, carbon sequestration will commence through reforestation and afforestation. Reclaiming superfund sites among others that have felt the impact of deforestation, and working with governments to impose legislative controls are the main focuses of this token.

SavePlanetEarth Token is a Hot Commodity

In addition to listing on PancakeSwap, you can find the SavePlanetEarth Token on Bitmart, Hotbit, Whitebit, and Cointiger to trade the cryptocurrency. They have also developed the ability to trade SavePlanetEarth Tokens directly through their website, via (liquidity locked). With over 82,000 current holders of the token and growing, and a market cap of under 1 billion, this token is expected to climb exponentially, and is currently extremely undervalued.

SavePlanetEarth has already been audited by the leading security assessment firm Certik, who passed the SavePlanetEarth Token with a perfect score. The token is on the Binance Smart Chain and has the backing of academic institutions.

Working with reforestation and deforestation is cost-efficient, clean and holistic, proven, effective, resource-efficient, and allows for economic incentives for sustainable forest management.

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