AXIECAT offer the AXIECAT NFT in its crypto collectible game with PvP Battles

AXIECAT GAME issued their NFT the so-called AXIECAT tokens earlier this month.  In an effort to expand the profit element in the structure of their token, AXIECAT is built differently on Binance Smart Chain from   an old-fashioned simple game. It’s in-game trading that rewards users according to their achievements. As part of these goals, the multi-player in the RPG NFT GAME takes part in the combat arena and earns profit from battles through AXIECAT tokens.

AXIECAT showed their NFT was created to celebrate elements that are core to the AXIECAT brand, reinterpreted for a virtual world and cryptocurrency world in new and exciting ways. Axiecat  is seen as the best path for those who are crypto traders,and gaming fans as well. There are still underrepresented RPG games in many crypto worlds.

The availability of complex gameplay and decentralized technology are combined Axiecat games. It’s important to note that to breed adorable creatures that they call Axiecat! Each kitty has a unique genome that defines its appearance and character. Players can cross-breed their kitties to create new furry pets and unlock rare attributes. Users have received the profits through destroying their enemies in the pitched battles that standing for the trading aspects.

At the present time, the Axiecat team concentrates on the seed round that starts with the Smart Contract deployment. The Axiecat airdrop is an indispensable activity in this round before officially launching the Pre-Sale on DxSale and the next Pancakeswap listing.

It will be able to deploy a centralized exchange listing operation with reputable CEX such as Lbank, Ztexchange, MEXC, Bitfinex and

Huobi is in the second stage. The Axiecat game is also launched and users can start to earn profit in this stage. To bolster up the long-term strategy, Decentraland Invasion and the  Fancy Buyback

Battle Racers competitions are also put in Axiecat’s go-to-market plan.

In brief, Axiecat proposed closing the gap between NFT and Role-playing games (RPG) through the unique Axiecat token. Axiecat creates their own new space where enabled gamers reaping the benefit from their hobbies. Axiecat team says their technology has achieved a level of stability where it can handle anything in the network built in Binance Smart Chain. There are also lots of opportunities and challenges but the Axiecat team thinks that gives them some advantages in a lot of ways in the RPG NFT GAME industry.

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