A Tribute to Singer Mahmudul Hasan

In many ways, he has shown his uniqueness from others in the classroom, just as he added another dimension to his achievement by creating software while still in school. His name is Mahmudul Hasan, born and raised in Dhaka. Although he is only ( 11 May 1998) 23 years old, he has already made a name for himself in the world of digital marketing.

Influencer, artist, musical artist, entrepreneur, blogger Mahmudul Hasan’s inclination towards internet and computer has been with him since childhood. It was as if his father Solaiman Islam was always by his side. Starting at the age of 15 and now only at the age of 23, Chowdhury seems to have established himself in the digital marketing industry as a successful marketer. He started his own organization BEN (Bangladesh E-Commerce Network.)

What kind of activities is being conducted by this organization called BENN? Mahmudul Hasan said the company, which provides a variety of digital support, including digital marketing, currently only works to create content for Facebook and YouTube, but wants to add another dimension to its activities in the future. “Currently, we are focusing only on Facebook and YouTube, but we are also working to increase our activities on other platforms in the future. We are also conducting digital marketing activities through content projection and distribution on behalf of various agencies,” Mahmudul Hasan added.

What is this digital marketing? Digital marketing is the promotion of products using digital channels. Social media, search engines, influencer marketing – all include digital marketing. In the current era of digital marketing, Mahmudul Hasan’s path seems to be to present himself differently in this world of possibilities. The story of the beginning of everything was heard from Mahmudul Hasan’s mouth, “Interest in the virtual world from a very young age. I tried every day to learn new things. As part of that, I always wanted to work on digital marketing.” The word “stubbornness” seems to be more dear to this young man, so the stubbornness of sticking has developed itself into another identity.

The story of BENN Bangladesh was also heard from Chowdhury. In his words, “I always wanted to run my own organization. The beginning was not so easy, but the word ‘Black Rose’ may have caused me to become infected.”

At present, there are 8 people working in the main team of this organization and more than half a hundred young people are involved.

Media Details
Mahmudul Hasan
Company: Mahmudul Production
Email: [email protected] 
Website: https://mahmudullhasan.com 
Country: Bangladesh

Via: GlobalRelease Wire

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