Michael Ehlers An Established Entrepreneur With an Involvement in Various Business Ventures

Michael Ehlers is an established entrepreneur with an involvement in various business Ventures. While he joined the German Armed Forces 6 years ago, he quickly realized that he wanted more out of life than being an employee.

His first experience in entrepreneurship was with the company VEMMA. Fortunately, an acquaintance introduced him to the concept. He liked the concept of performance-related compensation and free time management as well as being able to work with friends and family. However, he was still looking for a way to bring real value to people. He then began testing out various financial services products.

As a result, he quickly moved into management positions at well-known sales companies, mainly specialized in financial services. He was thoroughly taught the skills of trading that still allows him to earn passive income today. He also acquired in-depth knowledge of social media marketing, which allowed him to reach even more people all over the world.

Being so enthusiastic about the business concept himself, he regularly shared his knowledge at team meetings as well as at major events in front of thousands of guests. The tickets for these were sold out in a matter of minutes. Due to his internationally represented teams, he held his lectures not only in Germany, but also in Russia.

His curiosity and ambition, as well as his personal network of entrepreneurs led him to pursue other business opportunities. In 2019, he and his business partners successfully organized the first Barber Fair in Berlin. For this purpose, brand representatives from all over the world demonstrated their products and barbers put their craft on display live.

Today, he is invested in stocks and real estate, manages the sales and design division of a textile production company and is already planning the next Barber Fair for this year.

Media Details

Company: Ehlers, Empere & Lubowicz GbR
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.berlinbarberexpo.com/ 
Country: Germany

Via: GlobalRelease Wire

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