MoonLift Protocol Officially Partners With Polygon, Launches Its DEX And New Token Version

MoonLift protocol has decided to integrate their platform with Polygon, which builds and connects Ethereum compatible blockchain networks. The partnership will allow MoonLift to import newer features from Polygon like yielding farming options to lotteries, NFT marketplace, dedicated gaming, etc. The developer team of MoonLift aims to expand their reach and widen the possibilities for crypto trading for their users, and this step is anticipated to fuel their growth exponentially.

MoonLift is a community-driven project that aims to make passive income generation easier for its users. The developer team has envisioned a space where any new or experienced user could gain profits from decentralized finance using MoonLift’s innovative financial products. MoonLift is built on customer-centric principles and is eagerly awaited by people who want a one-stop destination to make passive income using a high deflationary model. The project was initially designed to run on Binance Smart Chain, but after partnering with Polygon, it will become the next-generation decentralized exchange on Polygon.

The developers of MoonLift protocol have always emphasized innovation. They have aimed at a model that doesn’t restrict any user from engaging with digital financing and keeps them on board with the latest technological development in the crypto space through convenient operational mechanisms. Bringing MoonLift to Polygon is a step in furtherance of their objective. Most of the projects focus more on sophistication and develop an intricate platform in the spirit of ever-rising competition in the crypto market. MoonLift understands the importance of community input. Working with Polygon, it has launched a brand new DEX with excellent features and brought a new version of its original token, now MLTPX, with a tokenomics that ensures its diversified user base is sufficiently rewarded for their participation and loyalty.

So what does this integration mean for a user? Firstly, MoonLift Protocol DEX will be equipped with a uniquely designed swap. It will also be devised to boost easy farming so that users can stake their tokens for maximum rewards. There will be a lottery feature, NFT marketplace, and a new, exciting “Supernova” concept in the new DEX, which will help token holders earn additional rewards. The team will also be releasing “play and earn,” a gaming platform featuring high-quality games with built-in reward programs with all these great features.

MoonLift recently announced its collaboration with Polygon through a Medium post, which has excited all the crypto enthusiasts. The team plans to release the swap and farm features and record community reactions in the initial phase. If everything goes well, they would proceed with the Supernova, lottery,  NFT marketplace, and play and earn. Since MoonLift has already successfully built a community of thousands of people with its transparent and customer-friendly approach, this step is seen as a crucial development in its expansion and is positively received by crypto fans. Check out the newly launched MoonLift DEX and learn more about MLTPX.

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