Orico Joins the BSC Network with its State-of-the-art Liquidity Pool

A new token named Orico is looking forward to entering the crypto space to dethrone the existing leaders of the Binance chain. The project has a unique, rewarding system, where its holders will receive both the $Orico and $BNB tokens based on their trading limits and holdings. The state-of-the-art, technically advanced liquidity pool protocol is included to provide exceptional trading qualities, making the process seamless for its community members, holders, and traders alike.

But there is a difference between this and any other token. Unlike traditional Defi, holders and traders only need to hold this respective $Orico and can get back or earn $USDT, $BUSD, $BNB, and many other coins, based on their wish and demand. They will receive this every 30 minutes based on the listing at that time. This will directly be forwarded to the traders or holders BEP20 wallet, Upon clicking the claim button.

What makes Orico unique is its risk-free return. The company allows users to earn returns without a futile risk of losing funds. Traders and holders can sit back and relax since their tokens will be stored in their wallets, making decent returns. It also allows users to hold its token without any specialized or technical hardware. Users can expect good returns from this investment. It also comes with an interactive dashboard and unified gaming ecosystem to entertain its holders.

Traders will eventually earn more holding Orico since they will receive the dividends in any form of the coin of their choice and can withdraw it accordingly. Around 9% of the transaction fees will go to the holders in the form of any token of their choice.  Another 4% is designed to go to the buyback system. Then  3% is allocated to the liquidity pool, and the rest 2% to the fees going goes to the marketing wallet.

The company has also introduced an intelligent function that acts as a two-fold beneficial implementation for holders and traders. They decided to charge 4% of every transaction. They confidently claimed that they dutifully care about their traders and holders’ token trading and seamless experience. Liquidity is one the most critical aspects of the Orico project, and the team is constantly caring about that. The token also has a built-in anti whale mechanism in which the transactions that trade more than 1% of the total supply will be rejected. Whales who will be making transfers between two wallets larger than 1% of the total supply will be charged 1BNB donated to charities. The team will also serve their community and hold them together. They believe in their BNB protocol rewards and count on their loyal holders.

Since the pandemic had us all locked into four walls of our homes, we are always looking for something to entertain ourselves. As a solution for that, the Orico team had merged the crypto and trading with the gaming where players playing it will get rewards in the form of Orico tokens. Players will also get their respective avatars and a list to choose from. Their progress will be saved in the Orico servers, where players will label up to its NFT. They are first looking to target miniature scale gamers, who like to try their hands upon lighter games to get $Orico tokens, and finally, they will approach large scale, decent gamers. The future, according to them, will be bright for both Orico and the gaming community. 

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Medium : https://medium.com/@oricofinance
Litepaper : https://orico.finance/assets/ORICO_WP.pdf
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Via: GlobalRelease Wire

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