Paws Up! Scarf and Tail is Leading the Pack for Pet Apparel Brands in 2021

Everyone Loves their pets, some even going so far as to consider them on the same level as human children! So it should come as no surprise that a brand focused on accentuating your pet’s inherent adorableness would skyrocket in popularity during 2021!

Scarf and Tail, a pet-wear brand based out of San Francisco with a HUGE online presence, scratches the itch that dog, cat, bunny, and even pig-lovers alike experience when looking for quality and cute attire for their pets at a price that won’t break the bank! Boasting over 275,000 Instagram followers as of the time we’re writing this article, with a profile where seemingly endless pics of lovable pets wearing the brand’s product abound, it’s clear that Scarf and Tail is the penultimate brand for “pawrents” (as the Scarf and Tail team affectionately calls their loyal customers) to spoil their pets of all species and breeds!

But how did they grow to be the fastest-growing pet-apparel brand?
Scarf and Tail relies on a mixture of word-of-mouth as well as a concept called “micro-influencer marketing” to drive their incredible growth. 

Most brands nowadays elect to bring on large, sometimes called “macro-influencers” (those with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers) to spread awareness, but oftentimes those sponsorships come across as insincere or as if the influencer is motivated only by the check they receive in exchange for the collaboration!

Scarf and Tail, however, saw a glowing opportunity in the field to bring on the often-overlooked pet profiles on Instagram (some having only as little as a couple hundred followers!) with the right content and more intimate relationship with their audience that would cut through the noise. 

Often called “brand ambassadors”, these unique and undervalued content creators receive their favorite products for free or at a steep discount in exchange for creating content for the Scarf and Tail team to use. And to sweeten the deal, the best content is featured on the company’s Instagram, bringing organic exposure to the brand ambassador’s Instagram from hundreds of thousands of other pet lovers and owners! Furthermore, Scarf and Tail even offers generous commissions for any and all sales made using the brand ambassador’s unique discount code when their followers place any orders—making this a money-making opportunity that most aspiring pet influencers wouldn’t want to pass up! Sounds like the perfect marketing plan, right?

The glowing Facebook reviews on Scarf and Tail as well as the plethora of lovely customer and brand-ambassador content on their Instagram confirm it. Scarf and Tail is a rapidly-growing and quality brand that all others should strive to emulate. 

Feel free to take a look at Scarf and Tail’s Instagram here

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