Promodio Planning to Change the Advertising Industry

TALLINN, Estonia РAn innovative and modernized technical marvel in the field of Advertising Industry is Promodio. It is an undeniable fact that advertising services are costly and sluggish today. Analyzing the problems and difficulties in the advertising industry, Promodio offers its users fast, reliable and inexpensive advertising services.

Once the development activities are completed, Promodio will provide services in three main areas ;

  • Social media interaction
  • Real advertising industry
  • Online advertising

Promodio plans to activate social media advertising as a priority service. It is currently preparing to be used on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram platforms, and will make these platforms connectable through its infrastructure with modules built through blockchain technology. With the construction and integration of new social media platform modules in the future, Promodio will be able to be used easily on new platforms.

After one decides on which platform they want to receive advertising support, the user can create a task in the secure and fast blockchain infrastructure with Promodio Token payment. The task that the user creates will be viewed by hundreds or even thousands of real users in a very short time. Each user who completes the tasks, specified in the mission announcement will receive a determined PMD payment from the prize pool, created on the Promodio platform. The payment made by the user who created the task will be distributed to the users who complete the requirements specified in the task announcement after the required service and network interruptions.

Promodio’s main difference from other platforms is that it doesn’t get the whole stake for itself but it aims to share it with its members. One of the features that distinguish Promodio from others in advertising industry is that it provides social media interaction integration for the first time. This ambitious project changes the lives of regular crypto investors and transforms their approach into the investment market, offering original digital solutions to the main problems in advertising field.

Promodio is an Ethereum ERC-20 based token and will be automatically interoperable with software wallets, hardware wallets and exchanges that support the ERC-20 standard.

Promodio’s ICO will be on the CoinSale Platform. As a first ICO on this platform , there will be good bonuses for those who want to participate. Promodio will publish their contract address on the 19th of August. ICO will have a total of 4 rounds and It will start on 20th of August and end on 7th of September.

Media Contact Details:

Company: Promodio
E-mail: [email protected]

Via: Global Releasewire

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