ExtorFX Launches Celebrity Social Media Marketing Services

Dhaka, Bangladesh — Extorfx is an internet marketing company, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Extor provides premium services all around the world and has a proven track record with extensive experience and a team of trained individuals lead by its co-founder Kazi Jakaria.

Talking about the co-founder, Kazi Jakaria has 10+ years of experience in the internet marketing industry. Kazi has worked with many companies which over a million-dollar of turnover. He also excelled with certification in SEM, PPC, and SEO, as well as web development, visual effect, and 3D animation. Now with growing the influence of social media, Extorfx launches the new service to help the social media celebrity to reach the maximum and right audience.  

Exortfx offers services like web development, SEO, and Social Media Marketing and has amassed satisfied clients delivering satisfactory results. 

Extorfx’s Unique Social Media Marketing Model:

In this viral world when everyone can access the internet, everyone wants to be popular through this social media. Extorfx launched a new unique service named Celebrity Social Media Marketing. According to their team, the reason behind this is the ability to grab attention with talent. They also emphasize that although many good companies have the potential for growth but do not have good guidance. Extorfx started its premium services to grow its social media audience which resulted in their favor. “Some People are skeptical about how celebrity fan pages on FB, Tiktok, or YouTube grow so exponentially. In reality, the owner of that page takes external help to grow their page, which eventually adds up,” they added.

How Extorfx delivers its Social Media Marketing model to the masses:

For starters, Extorfx makes a strategy to grow any social media account no matter who it belongs to, which in itself is very rare. If someone wants to grow on Instagram, Extorfx will research their account, their competitor’s account and make a strategy to get new followers based on the chosen plan the user has opted for.  Furthermore, they will produce quality content to attract a new audience to this particular account. 

If a celebrity wants to create a buzz in the fashion and clothing sector through their social media account, Extorx will optimize their research and find the targeted audience interested in fashion. This will automatically distinguish the audience who will mostly not interact with their content. 

As the global markets for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube keep on growing so rapidly. There are many celebrities who want to gain more visibility to grow internationally. Genuine social media marketing service providers like Extorfx are doing wonders in helping them find the right audience for exponential growth. 

Media Contact Details:

Company: ExtorFX
Website: https://www.extorfx.com/ 
Phone numbers: +8801743873065 
E-mail: [email protected] 

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