ThunderCake Sets Foot in the DeFi Ecosystem with Attractive Rewards for its User Base

ThunderCake, is the new kid on the block with shiny new tokenomics never before seen in the world of defi and a big nod of approval from their Big Brother and strategic partner Thoreum.Finance. The Tokenomics are clear: Hold ThunderCake: Receive Passive Reflections at a Ratio of 80-20: 8% Cake and 2% Thoreum. 

7 Days live and ThunderCake has already rewarded $750,000 worth of Cake and Thoreum to its user base. A truly staggering number that will only grow and grow as the days pass, making ThunderCake the best Cake earning token on the whole market. 

Why Cake?

Cake has every potential to 3x-4x in the next few months. Experts are predicting a price of $45-$60 for Cake. Cake will naturally increase in value over the next few months. Providing a great short-midterm benefit to our users. 

Why Thoreum? 

Since Thoreum has seen a steady rise in value, even against bearish markets, this assurance is backed by the mammoth Buy Back And Burn wallet that has already amassed over $ 1.5 million to help stabilize and boost the price of Thoreum. Thoreum’s current valuation of $0.02 is vastly below the potential that this project has. The token is positioned to x1000 in the long run, thus perfect for long term investors. 

Receiving passive income in the form of reflections on Thundercake couldn’t be easier, just hold, and once enough Cake and Thoreum accumulates the amounts will be dropped to the wallet linked to the account, no fees, no manual transaction, simple. 

  • 50% return on investment after a week since presale, just from holding rewards! By far the highest rate of earning of any cake reflection token in the market. 
  • The Only token to receive passive reflections at a rate of 80/20 in Cake/ Thoreum, both dramatically undervalued and set to explode in coming months. 
  • The rewards is insane because Cake price increased 10% and Thoreum price increased 100% in one week 
  • If the users hold for long term their rewards can be x100 compared to now thanks to the power of 80/20: 8% Cake & 2% Thoreum (potential x1000) rewards. 

While enjoying massive gains, users can also rest assured that their investment is SAFU: 

  • 5,000 Holders in less than 2 days, a dedicated and friendly community gathered from Thoreum and the wider world of defi through strategic marketing campaigns. 
  • Pre-approval of docs and coding from the juggernaut of defi Thoreum.Finance, their strategic partner. 
  • Techrate audited, showing 0 issues to resolve, with other audits in the pipeline already applied and paid for. 

The Market Cap is still low and a great entry point, providing room for much bigger growth than holding Cake itself. CAKE lovers would love to hold ThunderCake & multiply their investment with insane rewards while sleeping. 

ThunderCake is part of the Thunder Auto Rewards Ecosystem, currently consisting of Thoreum, ThunderCake and ThunderBNB, and is open for other tokens to join. The system is designed with one token using transfer tax to buyback & burn or reward with another token. This is a strategic advantage since one token’s growth enhances the whole system, and one token’s fall is supported and minimized by all others. 

So holding a basket of tokens in the system is the best strategy to not be affected by each up and down of the market and see the holding basket grow day by day, and month by month together with Thunder Alliance – the Auto Rewards Ecosystem. 

Coin Market Cap listing and CoinGecko listing just went live and we will see a significant boost in the value of the token from this. For long term holders that are looking for great passive income, this is an excellent project to invest in, great reflections, amazing rewards, deposited timely and without any fees charged for these tokens that are built for long term income, in well regarded and stable tokens, that can be sold or reinvested for even further income.

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Disclaimer: All investment strategies and investments involve the risk of loss. Nothing contained in this article should be construed as investment  advice.

Via: GlobalRelease Wire

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