PeacockCoin Launches a Brand New Hybrid Token to Empower their NFT Marketplace

PeacockCoin, a new and growing NFT platform, has started its operations. The Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum network run on a hybrid token with an NFT marketplace and crypto farm.

Developed as a community project, PeacockCoin is developed by an international team of entrepreneurs to develop an NFT platform worldwide.  They aim to create a unified platform for purchasing, protecting, and collecting various digital collectibles. To do so, the company has incorporated a unique blockchain system in the digital art market.  PeacockCoin promises her users to provide them with a fair and transparent online sales platform. Such efforts always boost a healthy mutual relationship between the creators, the collectors, and digital art lovers.

The pioneering effort from PeacockCoin to use blockchain and NFT to protect intellectual property will solve various problems associated with the current market, like authentication, plagiarism, and rarity. It seems that such an effort will help artists worldwide by promoting their work while providing a secure business environment for their monetary growth.

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) provides immutable proof of ownership by utilizing verifiable digital security and a proven authenticity mechanism. PeacockCoin uses its $PEKC token based on the BEP20 framework from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It started with a substantial initial sum of 100 Quadrillion tokens, of which 50% of the initial offerings have been burned. The hybrid token applies 5% to each transaction. All the holders are rewarded with the token redistribution system, which accounts for 2.5%. Furthermore, the rest of 2.5% is burned to allow a reduction of supply. The PEKC token bas ont he ERC20 framework on the Ethereum blockchain is scheduled to be implemented into the marketplace in quarter four. 

The security of PeacockCoin has been audited by Certik, which is a well-established name in the industry. PeacockCoin has a marketplace where sellers can list their work for sale. The sellers can choose to auction their art or sell it at a fixed price. Only NFTs created by using the PeacockCoin NFT Minting Station can be used. Users can mint their own NFTs or choose to purchase NFTs created by other users. After this, it will allow users to deposit BEP-20 token (can be any token) into a NFT.

For publishing the NFT, sellers will have to describe the content, story and place of reference. The seller must determine the number of copies of NFT and the price in PEKC. A commission of 1% of the total sale price is deducted from the seller’s side. The marketplace has a friendly interface for finding appropriate artwork based on different categories. Country-specific listing is also possible to make buyers view all artwork about a country in a single place. 

PeacockCoin was recently listed on PancakeSwap, 1inch, Coinsbit, and Uniswap soon after being launched in the first quarter of 2021. It managed to get successfully audited in the second quarter, and the audit details are also available on their official website. Soon after being audited, they were listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. They have successfully implemented a marketing strategy and deployed the NFT marketplace in the second quarter.

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