Zort Removes Minimum Balance to Use Its Platform and Explains New Staking Bonuses

Zort is a young crypto trading platform that uses an advanced, fully autonomous algorithm, and market cap strategies to outperform even the best experts in trading. The people behind the platform believe that investing in digital currencies should be safe, simple, and accessible to everyone, which is what it is dedicated to achieving.

In the latest move to make things simpler than ever and include even more people to its platform, Zort has decided to make two major changes. The first one was the removal of the minimum balance required to use its platform. This will be a very helpful change for crypto users who are on a tight budget, particularly when it comes to those in countries that struggle financially.

Such users already struggled to find platforms that would serve their country when it comes to traditional finance. Meanwhile, even if they do manage to find a few of them, they are prevented from using them due to the high minimum balances required to engage in trading.

Zort recognized these issues, and on August 25th, it announced that its platform does not require a minimum balance anymore. Users can now simply buy credits to continue to trade autonomously, and compound their profits.

Another big announcement that the project made came a day before, on August 24th. This one revolves around the project’s staking bonus, which can now easily be calculated. The project said that its staking bonus is now the amount of ZPWR purchased x the Staking Bonus = ZPWR received. For example, if a user buys 100 ZPWR, and their staking bonus is 6x, they will get a total of 600 ZPWR when the staking period ends.

ZORT token and staking

As many likely know, the project’s native cryptocurrency is also known as ZORT. This is a tradable ERC-20 token, that allows users to win rewards with power bonuses within the Zort network.

However, in order to use the project’s platform, users need to purchase Zort Power (ZPWR). Zort Power is a credit system, designed to enable autonomous trading. ZPWR is used to fuel the trading, and when the ZORT coin itself is staked or burned, users receive more power with every purchase, whenever they buy through the Zort portal dashboard.

ZORT token currently sits as the 3,012th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, which is a decent status given its young age and the fact that the industry currently consists of about 11,500 coins. The token’s price is at $0.05795 at the time of writing, after dropping by 4.08% in the most recent wave of corrections that has struck the entire industry. Even Bitcoin itself is currently barely above $47,000, after recently dropping from $50k.

What is Zort’s mission?

Looking at the troubles of the crypto industry, Zort’s creators were not surprised that crypto adoption is advancing slowly. They created their own project in hopes of being able to demonstrate the fact that cryptocurrency can be used in automated trading. More than that, they wanted to show that automated trading can be safe, more consistent, and even more profitable than traditional methods, whether we are talking about institutional or retail traders.

The project uses historical market data in combination with complex neural simulations that date back to 2016, and it uses algorithms that can identify irrationality decision making and false pattern recognition, and capitalize on them. This is the power of an advanced AI, alongside the hive-mind-like neural networks, and it is able to eliminate numerous obstacles that the crypto trading has inherited from traditional finance, as well as some that are of its own making.

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