Trust Trade Finance Teams Up With Grant Cardone to Help With Diversifying Real Estate Investments

Trust Trade Finance, a leading disruptive trading platform, has recently partnered with world-renown entrepreneur Grant Cardone to help TrustTradeFi diversify client investments into real estate, and do so in a successful way.

The mission of TrustTradeFi is to continue increasing the returns clients receive, and the strategy pursued to do that is a renewed focus on real assets like real estate. It is well-known that real estate is one of the best investments a person can make today. This tangible and real asset has historically appreciated in value in an almost guaranteed fashion.

The problem with real estate investing is that it has a high barrier to entry. Getting started with it involves spending a significant amount of money, which is not something everyone has. This artificially narrows the real estate market to only those who can meet the demanding financial threshold that exists. This was the case until Trust Trade Finance came onto the scene.

Partnering up with Cardone Capital has enabled TrustTradeFi to open up real estate investment to a wider class of investors at the lowest rates possible. Cardone Capital will be managing the assets, which includes services like maintenance, rent collection, and others. Investors interested in having real estate properties in their portfolio can purchase a unit directly from the company using their TrustTradeFi account.

This worry-free investment experience ensures investors have peace of mind. Cardone Capital is a well-organized company that will properly and effectively manage everything that goes into the management of a real estate property that generates income.

Grant Cardone, the founder of Cardone Capital, has expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership with TrustTradeFi. “Thanks to Cardone Capital partnering with TrustTradeFi, millions of people will finally get to invest in real estate in a completely hands-off way. This is a revolutionary model that allows virtually anyone to benefit from real estate investing.”

As the bestselling author of The 10X Rule, Grant Cardone is an entrepreneur who understands what it takes to 10x your wealth. This real estate mogul has developed a portfolio worth nearly $2 billion, all from scratch. Considered to be one of the leading marketers of our time, he has become an exceptional asset to the growth of investments held by all of TrustTradeFi’s clients.

While Trust Trade Finance makes it simple and easy to invest in cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, commodities, and more, the renewed focus on real estate investing has provided a lucrative avenue for current and prospective investors. From its founding in 2007, the platform has been incrementally opening up global markets in a way that enables virtually anyone to begin trading and investing in a simple and transparent way.

The partnership with Cardone Capital is projected to lead to an influx of new clients looking to take advantage of the remarkable and impressive gains that can be had within the real estate industry.

You can learn more about TrustTradeFi on their website

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