Bank of Lunar to Allow Iran, Palestine, etc., trade without fear of Sanctions

Dublin, Ireland — There is no safer way to trade and invest in digital assets than with the Bank of Lunar. For most Pariah State like Iran, Palestine, etc., that has witnessed so much economic crisis, with the government instantly pulling the plug on digital assets trading, and placing all blame on investors and digital assets traders for the insecurities in the country.

The government of these countries has placed sanctions on any form of digital assets investments and trading of it. This has made it increasingly difficult for investors and digital assets traders from these regions to trade their assets without fear of violating the newly imposed bans and sanctions.

Most recently, DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, and Iran’s government announced that the use of digital assets and mining of them has been prohibited; this was in the news report released in the hours of today. The president of the country Hassan Rouhani stated that the mining of digital assets and its uses were to blame for the sudden blackout in some Iranian cities.

Also, in the previous year, a good number of Iranians invested heavily in the stock market, only to suffer a huge blow when the equity bubble burst in August 2020. The sanctions on digital assets trading mean that there is a limited number of platforms that would offer you the opportunities to trade, and invest without the fear of your account being banned, and the Bank of Lunar is one such platform.

The bans and sanctions mostly affect digital assets miners and traders who have accounts with banks in Iran, Palestine, and other Pariah states. Although the governments of these states claim that the ban is temporary, pending review of the security threats they claim is caused by digital assets traders and miners. Having a safer alternative to trade and keep your assets online looks likely to be the immediate solution. The first thing you should have in mind is that will no doubt be more covert transactions occurring in a once transparent space, which would lead to a higher risk of persons falling victim to fraud, the very situation that the governments from these countries are claiming to address.

Bank of Lunar proffers a lasting solution for investors who are looking for a secure and trusted platform that offers unmatched security for their investment. In the face of danger like the sanctions and bans of account and digital assets investments, the Bank remains unmoved and unrelenting on its promises to always protect your investment. With Bank of Lunar, you receive a dedicated hot wallet to easily keep your digital assets, and even if you want to convert them into other coins to sell in the market, there is also easy access to buyers from around the world.

The Core value at Bank of Lunar since it was Licensed back in 2010, has always been to provide fast, trustworthy, and secure online banking solutions to customers around the world. The Bank has also created a platform that allows you to buy and sell thousands of stocks and ETFs from anywhere in the world without fear of ban and sanctions. BOL Trade lets you buy and sell thousands of stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on major exchanges with zero commission. 

Bank of Lunar is Regulated and Supervised by the Ireland Financial Services Authority (IFSA) and participates in Ireland’s Depositor Compensation Scheme. The Bank currently serves over 18,000 corporate customers with a turnover of EUR 9 billion annually. Because we value the security and trust placed on us by thousands of customers, we remain ever committed to providing the highest standard of security available. Bank of Lunar uses state-of-the-art data encryption when handling our client’s financial information and two-factor authentication (2FA) protection. We do not just match the security standard that is attainable in most banks, we exceed them.

Bank of Lunar offers a user-friendly and well-designed trading platform that is backed by great research. The Bank product portfolio covers all asset types ranging from stocks, Options, Futures Options, Mutual Funds ETFs, and many international markets. Account opening at Bank of Lunar is user-friendly and fully digital. Depositing money into the bank is also fast, efficient, and easy with zero charges for each transaction. 

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