WOWITEL Now Offering Subscriptions Providing for Voice,

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 08, 2021 (Globalrelease Wire) — World of Wireless International Telecom, Inc. (OTC:WWII), a global communications leader offering a full suite of voice, streaming and texting connections at one flat, unlimited rate, today announced the ability to offer services to consumers who sign up for $14.95 per month subscriptions through its website

Subscribers who activate their accounts through the secure website and who have downloaded the WOWITEL App on their smart device will have immediate full access to the WOWITEL network to make calls to any number at any location in the world with or without being connected to a “Wifi Hotspot.” Users are able to make calls to landlines, mobile phones, Google numbers, Signal Numbers, Viber numbers, WhatsApp numbers, Skype numbers, or anyone on earth with a phone number, no matter which service they use and even if they do not subscribe to WOWITEL.

The recent disruption of several major communications platforms has showcased just how dependent we are on communications companies that are under intense scrutiny. Proposed reforms to antitrust regulations could create disruptions in alternative networks. WOWITEL is a true alternative to the dominant business models that creates a number of benefits for society. Most notably, it will provide better privacy for users and give them more control over their digital experience. Secondarily, it does not seek exploit “free” services, which lock in consumers and monetize their data. Now is the time to seize the moment and break free from the restrictive control of Big Tech.

WOWITEL has built a solid and tested network that prioritizes and incorporates privacy and security by default and is excited to launch affordable, high-quality services which will provide its users the freedom to communicate worldwide along with the control over their personal data that they deserve. Never before have consumers had global access to such a robust communications network. No other available service allows you to connect to others, regardless of global locality, knowing you are not trading your privacy and personal data for a few dollars – or requesting any personal data from your friends, family members or business associates to do the same. With so many options available, WOWITEL does not ask its users to compromise their privacy for service and price.

Chandler York, WOWITEL’s Global Analyst, says that 22.7% of people using invasive services would switch if given the option. WOWITEL expects to initiate services to over one million users by the end of 2021 with existing distribution contracts in place.

Go Global. Go Safe. Go Wowitel.


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