Challenges with Boardgame Manufacturing in India

Goa, India — Boardgame manufacturing in India is no longer the fabled unicorn that only exists in the imaginations of board game enthusiasts across the globe. Boardgame manufacturing was always an elusive dream that was difficult to fulfil, but it’s not as hard as many people think!

India’s boardgame manufacturing industry has seen immense growth over the past decade, with the industry’s gross revenues growing at an annual compound rate of more than 20% since 2017, according to data from industry body Assocham.

If you’re looking to make your own board game, or are planning on getting it manufactured in India, there are some risks associated with the process that you need to know about before you go through with it. Board game manufacturing in India can be both beneficial and dangerous to the overall product if not done correctly. 

Kheo Games is a start-up company based in India, that is aiming to take on the challenge and strive to produce high quality games in India. Their representative shared some of the key challenges that would be faced when it comes to manufacturing in India.

When it comes to manufacturing in India, one of the biggest risks you face is something called order fulfillment failure. This occurs when your supplier or factory messes up—say, because of a breakdown in communication—and fails to deliver what you paid for. If there are no consequences for these kinds of failures, then companies have no incentive to get their act together and things will go wrong more often than not.

Quality control can be a major risk when it comes to board game manufacturing in India. It’s important that you work with a company that has quality controls set up and double-checks each and every part of your game to ensure that there are no problems.

The picture is not as bleak as it may appear. Kheo Games joins an illustrious list of boardgame publishers in India who are making an impact. Some of the games manufactured in India are appreciated globally for their quality. The coming few years will only see this improve further. 

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