Ape N Out: By the people, for the people, How a famous crypto marketer turned 15k into 8 million dollars in just 6 months

Los Angeles, California — Ape N Out. A token made on Ethereum based blockchain that is set to rival the banking industry. Many folks are displeased with their bank either charging them negative interests or giving the depositors a mere fee of 0.1% of annual percentage yield. With inflation rates reaching for a higher top every single year, smart money has to go somewhere.

So where is the smart money moving?

The answer is simple, smart money is moving into cryptocurrencies. In various cryptocurrency programs, you are able to get an APY (Annual percentage yield ) of up to 12% APY in regular, stable coins.

What is a stable coin? A stable coin, for example, is the USDT – United States Dollar Tether. It is a virtual coin that is pegged closely 1 to 1 to the United States dollar. The USDT stable currency functions as a regular store of value for traders, investors, institutions and many others. 

While simply holding stable coins in your cryptocurrency portfolio, you are able to receive 12% APY just for holding them in your wallet due to a proof of stake method which has been revolutionizing the cryptocurrency industry.

The banks are charging you negative interests, penalties, giving you out 0.10% APY as a punishment for holding the USD, while the cryptocurrencies reward you for up to 12% APY for simply holding the USDT in a correct wallet.

Therefore, what if you want to receive more than 12% APY while being invested cryptocurrencies.

What if you do indeed want that Lamborghini, or that nice Malibu house by the beach, what do you do then? 

The answer is simple: You find new, upcoming, potential cryptocurrencies that have not been affected by a high market capitalization number yet.

These so called, low market capitalization coins pop out every day, so you must make sure to steer clear from the malicious coins by investing in well-known developer teams.

Ape N Out token, a token build on Ethereum based Blockchain, is a perfect example of a low market capitalization coin with a professional team behind it. Gathering more than 5 million dollar liquidity pool in the first 5 minutes of launch, strives to be a leading Reflection token.

A reflection in the cryptocurrency world is very similar to a dividend paid by the bank for your investment. 

Ape N Out stands out by paying, arguably, the highest dividend percentage compared to any Ethereum based token out there. 

With dividends being paid in the amount of 25.9%, you simply cannot go wrong. Whether people are buying or selling the Ape N Out token, the investors simply do not care as they are receiving dividends from every transaction. Obviously, the more tokens the hold, the more dividends they receive. 

Ape N Out is ran by a team of professionals that have taken this token to the next level. With New York advertising billboards already being paid for, and with coinmarketcap and coingecko listings being not so far away. Ape N Out token is the perfect token to jump into if you would like to finally be an early investor in a legitimate, well-backed cryptocurrency.

The best part about Ape N Out is that it’s being marketed by a successful crypto marketing pioneer, who has turned 15k into 8 million dollars In the last six months. This token is destined for success. As always, do your own research, and never invest more than you can afford to lose. 

Do your research on Ape N Out, visit their website, and make a decision on your own.

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