PolkaGo – The next gem has arrived, find out why this new double reward token is the topic of talk between famous Instagram bloggers

Since the arrival of the Binance Smart Chain, many have looked on with great enthusiasm as to what the future holds. The potential, of course, was and remains limitless. 

PolkaGo is the latest in the line of unique projects that continue to demonstrate just how warranted this enthusiasm was, and still is. However, unlike many before it, PolkaGo looks to go by its mission with searing directness and extreme certainty. 

It is a project that aims to fulfill the dreams promised by the advent of smart chains. Naturally, one wonders what such a lofty project entails in the first place and what exactly its aims and objectives are. 

For PolkaGo, the aim is to leverage the potential of the BSC as a tool for profound individual and communal growth.

How it Works

PolkaGo is a Binance Smart Chain token that gives its holder rewards in two distinct coins –  the PolkaGo and PolkaDot coins, each with its own individual role to play in the entire PolkaGo ecosystem. 

As a quick refresher for those who may not be familiar with the Binance Smart Chain, it is simply a blockchain architectural framework that allows users to build decentralised applications and digital assets. 

Binance Smart Chain offers a few significant benefits that many of its predecessors who sought to perform the same functions did not.

Of course, just like those before it, or even more so, the arrival of the Binance Smart Chain heralded a new hope for the future. Not just for the future of blockchain in this case, but for the future of humanity as a whole.

Everyone looked to build the next great thing. One thing all of these projects had in common, however, were lofty, ambitious goals rarely with a sense of direction to back up their ambitions. 

Right from conception, the PolkaGo project looked to keep its mission succinct – to increase the wealth of its holders and never stop. 

In a world of verbose declarations, loquacious white papers and redundant mission objectives, PolkaGo sets its sight on a goal as direct as possible. This, of course, remains one of its strengths.

And yes, in this case succinctness should never be mistaken for a lack of ambition. In fact, the most ambitious projects are usually the most direct. Circumlocution is more often than not a tool for hiding lack of direction, which in itself is a direct consequence of lack of purpose.

The Role of PolkaGo

An endeavor brimming with ambition yet clear in its goal, PolkaGo enthusiasts believe that their project has a vital role to play in the development of the Binance Smart Chain, Blockchain technology, and human existence as a whole.

This, of course, isn’t much of a surprise. Ambition is great, but it is not ambition alone that determines the quality of a project. Almost as equally important is the expertise and confidence of those who participate in the project.

This is why it is refreshing to see that the PolkaGo team not only understands the significance and ambition of their project, but also has enough expertise and confidence to boot.

Of course along the line it is only natural to move past the allure of ambition and belief and consider the substance of the endeavor itself. Increasing the wealth of individuals and communities is great, but how exactly does PolkaGo look to go about it?

On the surface one might look at its reward system, which, among others, include a dual reflection system and a lottery system which utilizes a weekly pool to indiscriminately give back to users on the platform. 

But on a deeper analysis, PolkaGo’s strategy goes beyond this. On a deeper analysis, the PolkaGo community is all about giving people a chance.

PolkaGo runs its lottery system by taxing 1% of every BUY and SELL action. This tax goes into an ever expanding lottery pool which is given out to random users on a weekly basis. Through the lottery system of reward each user on the platform has an equal chance of winning really big.

PolkaGo’s two token system also plays a significant role in the overall functioning of the entire ecosystem. Utilizing a dual reflection strategy, the BUY Tax on the system gives all holders PolkaDot reflections of 2% while the SELL Tax gives holders a reflection of 4%.

PolkaGo also utilizes a liquidity pool wherein 30% of volume in the LP is burned forever. This creates a system of increased scarcity, ensuring that existing volumes are not diluted and value is always maintained.

Along with these, the system also ensures maximum safety through its liquidity lock mechanism that locks in liquidity for an exact 12 month period.

From a deeper, technical understanding of how the system works, it is obvious that the simplicity of PolkaGo’s mission in increasing the wealth and value of its users and communities is backed up by a solid, intricate process that serves as the engine room for the whole undertaking.

It also does this without ever serving as a distraction to its users, who have too much belief in the system and its simple, overarching goal to get carried away or distracted by its intricacies.

One area where the PolkaGo team understands they must match the intensity and value of the project itself is in its marketing and promotion. This is why, right from inception, massive marketing plans were undertaken for the coin.

These include social media launches, lite paper release, community building, presale auditing, partnerships with influencers and celebrities, listing on reputable platforms, and even an ultimate NFT Auction Marketplace project.

It is refreshing to say that at this very moment these plans are currently underway and being put into action. The objective is to ensure that as many people get to benefit from what the PolkaGo reward system has to offer.

It is the team’s hope that once this step of the process reaches a significant stage, everyone involved can enjoy the scheduled public presale slated to flow.

PolkaGo is doing a public presale, without any whitelisting or private presales.

Presale can be bought on November 24th, 8 PM UC time on PinkSale.

To learn more about PolkaGO Visit https://polkago.net/

And follow on:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/PolkaGoBSC

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/polkago_bsc/

Telegram – https://t.me/PolkaGoBSC

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