WaykiChain Making a Comeback in World Cup

There can be many reasons for fans to reveal, but the only thing that can indulge fans from all over the world is the World Cup.

The countdown to this football feast has started. In November 2022, we will usher in the Qatar World Cup that fans are looking forward to. As a blockchain company that shined in the field of quizzes at the last World Cup, what new products and experiences WaykiChain will bring has become a hot topic of concern to fans around the world.

Just a few days ago, there were voices in the market, hoping that WaykiChain could “fight again” in the World Cup and return to this “guess forest” through its increasingly mature blockchain public chain technology.

WaykiChain will not ignore the voices and expectations of the majority of fans and friends.

Previously, the world noticed that WaykiChain officially released a message stating that WaykiChain Charity Foundation will be launched. After the foundation is established, the first priority is to promote football charity and expand the influence and audience of global charity through a series of international events such as the World Cup.

And now, the Global Tour of WaykiChain World Cup is officially launched. WaykiChain will export football culture to every corner of the world through its fan community all over the world. In different regions, facing different cultures and languages, adopting different forms, with a healthy and positive spirit and attitude of football, influence more people.

The first stop of the WaykiChain World Cup global tour will depart from New York, USA.

As the world’s top international metropolis, New York has almost been reduced to the world’s “soccer desert”, and its status as a city is obviously inconsistent with football’s influence. This is also one of the important reasons why WaykiChain considered New York as the first stop of the World Cup.

At 20:00 on December 3 (please pay attention to the time zone and change the time as needed), the two New York local teams invited by WaykiChain, NYU-Metrotech08 and Fifa United FC, will dedicate a battle for love to New York fans of the ball game.

The venue, uniforms, bonuses, and gifts involved in this round of the match will be sponsored by WaykiChain. Through this game, WaykiChain hopes to enhance people’s understanding of football, boost people’s love for the sport, and rekindle the hope of this “soccer desert” as an “oasis”.

As a public chain project that has accumulated years of experience in blockchain forecasting technology, WaykiChain re-appeared on the international stage with its “football diplomacy”. It is not a simple “recopy operation”, but a new exploration and innovation. At present, WaykiChain is actively deploying DeFi, NFT, and meta-universe, and these will become important elements of WaykiChain’s World Cup campaign. Please wait and see how it will be combined.

The countdown to the World Cup in Qatar, but the WaykiChain World Cup tour has officially started. The next stop may be by your side!


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