How To Buy Bomb Crypto? In 3 Easy Step

The Bomb Crypto game is a Play-To-Earn game, where players manage a group of cyborgs programmed to fight monsters and search for BCOIN. Each bomb hero has different stats, if a hero is lucky, he will find bomb heroes with good stats to sell or upgrade them to increase combat ability and performance.

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How to buy Bomb Crypto?

You can buy Bomb Crypto from a Binance Chain Based Decentralised exchange like Pancakeswap. Simply Connect your wallet and Swap Your Bep-20 BNB to Bomb Crypto. Follow the simple steps below to purchase Bomb Crypto: 

Step 1: Create a Binance account and Purchase Crypto from Fiat

Create a new account by providing an email address, username, and a solid password to safeguard the account. Your account needs to be KYC level 2 or more verified to get access to purchase crypto through Fiat Cards (i.e., USD, EUR, or CHF).

Step 2: Withdraw Your Crypto To Metamask/Trustwallet

If you are using a desktop, download the Metamask extension or you can use the Trustwallet app for mobile devices. Create a New wallet or import your seed phrase to receive your crypto from the exchange. Make sure you withdraw BEP 20 BNB. 

Step 3: Visit Pancakeswap and purchase Bomb Crypto

Finally, visit Pancakeswap and swap your BNB to Bomb crypto. Add the token in your wallet to show the purchased balance. 

Game Features:

Treasure Hunt Mode: In Treasure Hunt Mode, players can send bomber heroes to the mining areas and have them plant bombs to destroy blocks to find BCOIN. These heroes can work automatically without players’ having to be there all the time, which helps players save plenty of time to do other tasks.

Gameplay: When a hero runs out of energy, the hero will no longer be able to work and enter a resting state to recharge his energy. The hero consumes energy each time a bomb is placed. buying a house will increase the charging speed.

Treasure Hunt Mode: Players can deploy bomber heroes to the mining areas to find BCOIN by planting bombs and destroying blocks. These heroes can work automatically without players’ having to be there all the time, which helps players save plenty of time to do other tasks.

Bomber heroes have 5 power stats: Stamina: Hero’s energy, range, bomb’e destructive power, number of bombs can be placed, movements speed, and random strength.

How to upgrade Bomber hero? 

Bomber hero can be upgraded to release all of his potential power. When upgrading a bomber, he will take other bombers of the same level as his own material. The upgrading process also consumes some BCOINs.

The Bomb Crypto project is backed by Remitano, Launch Zone, CRVN Capital, VNDC Ventures, Jade Labs, Kardia Ventures, Jade Labs, GD10 Ventures, and Wildcat Venture

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