The Lost Throne, an Innovative P2E Game Launching its Beta Version Very Soon

The Lost throne is one of the trading card games developed and published by TLT. The development of this game took TLT a long time, which eventually paid off when they launched this game. The team has further added an innovative P2E model in the world of gaming. The game further facilitates an entertaining gameplay experience and becomes a masterpiece. The developers already have a strong community where thousands of players are waiting for its beta version, scheduled to launch soon.

The Lost Throne (TLT), is going to be a brand new meta-universe NFT TCG concept game designed and developed by Shiva Gaming. The development started back in 2019 and it took them 3 long years filled with hardships and endless dedication to make this TLT what it is today.  The company was further backed by Blue Mountain Venture, Spiral Capital, and a few more investors.

This game consists of numerous featured mechanics and Designs like attractive front and back-formation. In this virtual world, the gamer becomes the commander, and cards play the role of soldiers. The interface of this game consists of a Criss-cross battlefield, where players have to destroy the minions of their opponent, using a deck of 50 to 80 cards. The gaming interface also shows the health of a particular soldier; every soldier consists of 30 health in the beginning; if the health is reduced to zero, then the soldier dies, and the game gets terminated. Also, the player loses the game. 

Fascinating Gameplay & Storyline

At the start of the game, the player gets a Deck of cards. He also chooses to replace those cards, but this replacement can be done only once. If he chose to replace some cards from his deck, then any random cards from the other deck were provided. After that, all the cards were reshuffled automatically. 

Gamers have to cross three stages and one battle phase in the entire game. These are:


At the beginning of the stage, the player has to choose a branch of technology he wants to use in the entire game. He can choose 6 types of technologies, which he can select following his deck. With the up-gradation of the technology, the player gets a ‘Lucky coin,’ which can be utilized to get one extra mana crystal.


From here, the real game begins.  Players start playing the game and use the cards provided to them. Players can choose any cards to play and start the game using mana crystals. They can also facilitate their minions on the battlefield. Three action rounds include, where every round burns at least 3 crystals. Players have to utilize these mana crystals to sustain themselves in the upcoming rounds. They can also upgrade their mana crystals while playing. 


After crossing the three action rounds, the player enters the final battle phase. Here the actual fight begins between two opponents.  They attack each other using minions. Minions that are used once can’t be used again for attacking. They can also utilise their minions for attaining the state of exhaustion, where attacking is prohibited. This battle continues until the actions from the side of both players stop. 

After the end of the battle round, both players’ cards were exchanged, and a new round began. In this new round, that player enters at first, enters at second in the previous round, and alternatively first enters at second.

Play to Earn 

The Lost throne facilitates dual opportunity for Gamers  alongside the fun of game, gamers can also acquire the money. The Lost throne is basically MTG-inspired play for fun and play-to-earn trading card game, in which gamers can make money through card skills and contributions towards their ecosystem. Gamers can collect, build, battle, and trade also using this enormous interface. 

Tokenomics of “The Lost Thorne” 

The Lost throne consists a Dual-token Economy System: 

  • Equity type Crystal Powder (CP) 
  • Economic type Dream Dust (DD)

CP Economic Model

CP is an ecological token which depicts the rights and governance of the game, and is the only evidence of game holding. It facilitates gamers to stake or choose the ecology of TLT via voting. Along with this, they can also acquire 100% in-game fee income and public resources output in accordance to the portion of CP held. Initially the TLT team can only issue 1.1 million CP tokens to develop trading pairs on PancakeSwap and manage token price stability.

 CP has acquired a total supply of 16,000,000. It was also allocated to different areas, 37% in Stake Pool, 15% in Throne Treasury, 9% for token sale and community incentives, 8% on team and advisors, 7% on marketing and liquidity pools, 4% are reserved and 3% used for private sale. Initially the TLT team can only issue 1.1 million CP tokens to develop trading pairs on PancakeSwap and manage token price stability.

Dream Dust (DD) 

DD works as currency which players can obtain through victory during the game. It is used to burn, which facilitates production of “shining” cards. It can also be used to open new card packs. 

Initially, the TLT team can only  issue 3.7 million DD tokens to develop a trading pair on PancakeSwap and manage token price stability. Till now, DD has a total supply of 1,000,000,000. However, its mechanism consists of two parts, one is Gameplay and tactics, in which players store different NFT cards to form a proper set for battle. And the other is, Card acquisition, in which, opening packs with DD or trading with other players facilitate acquisition of cards. 

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