Skyshelltrading About to Dominate Canada Financial Market

Orpington, United Kingdom – Since 1989, Skyshelltrading has grown to become one of the worlds’ leading CFD and spread betting providers and the company is gradually looking to dominate the Canadian financial market. The company is bringing over 30 years of trading experience and the most advanced computer technology to Canadian investors.

The Canadian Financial market is one of the biggest in the world consisting of markets of money, bond, equities, derivatives, and foreign exchange as well as digital currencies. Bitcoin and other digital currencies are considered legal in the country; they are still not considered legal tender.

Notwithstanding, Skyshelltrading provides you with a variety of investment options so you do not only have to invest in digital currencies but you could also trade Real Estate, Oil and Gas, and other commodities. You also have the option to invest in other asset classes like Forex, Indices, Share & ETFs, Treasuries and so much more. There is really no limit to how much you can make investing in over 10,000 financial instruments provided by the company.

Skyshelltrading is making the market more accessible while also creating a bridge between individuals and the previously difficult-to-negotiate Canadian financial market. The company has everything in place to dominate any market and ensure that its investors have all they need to consistently make a profit.

New traders as well as seasoned investors have assured the best trading experience plus a quicker and easier way to build their investment portfolio. The company has set up several innovative approaches to ensure that they navigate and manage the underlying regulatory and technological complexity of several financial instruments (Cryptocurrency) which would be vital for Canadian investors who want to access digital currencies.

In Canada, most of the local and foreign online trading platforms charge excessive commission on each trade or deposit; this has hindered Canadian investors who have limited choices of trading platforms with commission-free trading short on potential profit and opportunity to grow their portfolio as it should. Skyshelltrading is not only on the verge of dominating the Canadian financial market but plans to remain at the very top for a long time.

Skyshelltrading new account opening in Canada alone spiked 60% at the beginning of the year 2021, and now the company is gearing up to break its own record to hit up to 400,000 accounts opening in the first quarter of 2022. The company has enjoyed such progress due to its low commission fee and the robust information, education, and support that they provide.

The Next Generation platform technology and personal client service are second to none; it’s no doubt why the company has consistently received countless awards from notable organizations around the world. The company has already made its name as the number trading platform dominating the financial market in the U.K., Germany, and other countries in the world. The plan now is to dominate the financial market in Canada which would be achieved by swaying the hearts of retail investors.

In a recent statement by Skyshelltrading Chief Executive, O.V. Jason acknowledged that “there are several trading platforms that already operate in the country, but we are only focused on becoming the number one trading platform in Canada and in the world. And I believe our achievements and service to our esteemed customers speaks greatly of the company”.

“The aim is to provide our customers with the ultimate trading experience. And because we are passionate about what we do, we consistently look for innovative ways to improve the way customers invest in the financial market.” He added.

With the Skyshelltrading platform, investors will never miss any trade. You can easily enter and exit trades in a flash with our cutting-edge technology. The best part is, the platform is compatible across different platforms and you can trade on your mobile and tablets on the go. There are also well-developed risk-management features that help you manage your trading risk effectively ensuring you minimize losses and increase profit.

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