Dubai: The Next Silicon Valley for Decentralized Technology

From sustainable development and smart cities to paperless strategies and massive tax exemptions, UAE is going to be the hub for future tech startups and companies. UAE, Dubai is now emerging to become the next Silicon Valley of the region attracting investors as wells as brilliant minds and top-level executives from even western tech giants.

There are number of reasons behind this rapid transformation from just being a tourist spot to becoming the ecosystem for technology based startups. The vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has helped investors rush towards the lucrative opportunities due to instant visa facilities, immense growth of international business and resources focused towards skills development that have proved to be beneficial for startups. Resources like Dubai Future District, Area 2071, and Dubai Future Accelerators are not only benefitting the companies financially but also providing flexible and friendly environment for an increased growth.

As part of the country’s effort to achieve digital transformation and HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision of making Dubai the happiest city on Earth, the country moved towards adopting blockchain technology. With the introduction of Dubai Blockchain Strategy, the country is not only transforming its financial, transport, supply chain and health sectors to be based on decentralized and blockchain technologies but also proving to become an incubator for blockchain related startups and companies. Dubai is far ahead from many other modern cities in the world to welcome modern tech especially blockchain. All these opportunities are a perfect blend for any startup or company to enter into blockchain related business.

One such innovative company is Algo Alliance founded in 2015 and is pioneer in blockchain related services. The company origins from Europe and internationalized themselves in UAE seeing the massive market opportunities to serve vast market of Asia, North America and North America. Algo Alliance believes that blockchain will be the core aspect of any tech company in the next few years as it provides extreme security, flawless operations and decentralization.

We interviewed Ricky Ammendola, the CEO of the Algo Alliance, about the future of new and emerging technologies such as Blockchain. He mentioned, “One of the main indicators of the growth and prosperity of an emerging market is definitely the amount of Demand. As we are a software development company specializing in blockchain technology I can confirm the ever increasing demand for products such as NFT Marketplace and DeFi platforms. And also in the Fintech field we receive many requests from important companies and institutions interested in the development of Stable Coins. At the moment we can say that there is a digital gold rush in blockchain and that despite the exponential growth we have witnessed in recent times we are still close to genesis with respect to potential developments.”

Algo Alliance has been in the blockchain industry from years and have already developed technology to value human personalities by creation of unique tokens with a specific price. This is just like estimating the real market value of a personality as it has always been done with other assets such as stocks and commodities. 

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