PsyBulls aka Psychedelic Bulls Experience is taking over Binance Smart Chain

It’s no secret that NFTS (non fungible tokens) have gained a lot of hype in the past couple of months. With projects on Opensea reaching close to a billion dollars in volume, NFTs have shown the world that they are here to stay. While it is true that many NFTs are just a quick cash grab for the developers, a good percentage of them are here to stay. Due to their scarcity and ownership on blockchain, 

Psybulls AKA The Psychedelic Bulls Experience is taking over the Binance Smart Chain NFT sector with it’s detailed, precise and crisp art quality. A well thought out road map will have user craving more and more PsyBulls NFT’s in their collection.

Think of bulls meeting Jimi Hendrix, bringing the perfect experience of Psychedelic bulls.

Psybulls AKA The Psychedelic Bulls Experience is taking over the Binance Smart Chain NFT sector with it’s detailed, precise and crisp art quality. With an open world game being built on an unreal 5 engine, a 2nd collection presenting Psychedelic Bear experience. Massive trading volume and constant floor raises is something that will come natural to this project. 

NFT whales are already keeping an eye on this project. Whitelist competitions will soon be announced, the date of minting is set to start on February 22th. 

The Experience

PSYBULLS will include 3 collections, a token and an open world quest game that is being built on an unreal 5 engine. Each collection is unique and rare for itself, but it will also be connected and part of the puzzle on your journey to breed and upgrade your legendary Psybull.

After Fully minting the first collection, and along with the launch of the second collection, they will release the Token and the game which will both be an essential part of the journey to breed your NFTS and increase their value.

The Game

The gameplay will focus on a psychedelic open world environment where the player has to complete missions, solve and overcome different obstacles in order to progress in the quest and evolve his character.On the journey the player will meet different characters and solve puzzles and riddles in the psychedelic-verse in order to collect ingredients that will be used to brew the potion that is required to breed and mint the 3rd character in your collection.

The game is set in a fictional environment with a mystical touch and with various elements from the psychedelic era of the 60’s featuring guest appearances such as Terrance Mckena, Timothy Leary, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and more!

The Token

The token will be launched before the game and will be used in the game itself in order to complete missions, progress and receive rewards.Holding a certain minimum amount of the token will be required in order to play the game and breed the 3rd collection, which will be an incentive to keep a decent floor while trading it.

Minting date is set to in stone for February 22th, to find out more information, please visit their website and Twitter, Telegram group to stay updated!

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