Business Wire Pricing Guide: How Much Does It Cost?

Business Wire is a service used by some PR professionals to distribute press releases. But trying to understand exactly how much you have to pay to use the service can be very confusing.

Things like additionally priced add-ons can leave you wondering how much you’ll actually have to pay in the end, especially because Business Wire doesn’t give you a price quote until the end of the process.

Based on our own research and third-party information we’ve come up with an estimate of how much you can expect to pay to send a press release with Business Wire.

Disclaimer: This information is based on the quotes we received from Business wire Sales Team; for the most up-to-date Business Wire pricing information, You can contact Businesswire directly.

Business Wire pricing overview

These are the main costs involved with using Business Wire to send a press release:


Price (first 400 words)


Additional 100 words


Extra visibility and analytics


Logo attachment


Multimedia inclusion (first)


Additional multimedia inclusions


How much will it cost to send a PR with Business Wire?

Now that you’re familiar with the costs involved, let’s add them up to get a rough estimate of how much you’ll have to actually pay.

As an example, let’s say you’re trying to distribute a press release to national media in the US.

Sending a regular 400-word press release will cost you at least $760 while adding 100 words and a multimedia inclusion (like a photo or video) will bring that price up to $1380.

While the actual price may slightly differ from the numbers in this post, the general consensus of Business Wire users is that the service is pricey.

Business Wire alternatives

If you’re looking to distribute a press release without stretching your budget, there are plenty of more reasonably priced options available.

1.) Budget-friendly Business Wire alternatives

A much affordable and more effective way to send your press release is using distribution services like GlobalreleaseWire. As we act as a cooperative for hundreds of small businesses and corporations– Thus, we receive a HUGE discount from Newswires and Publications, that we then pass along.
GlobalreleaseWire distribution network ensures the guaranteed publication of each Press Releases to nearly all major financial and regional newsroom nationwide including Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Street Insider, Benzinga, Marketwatch, Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Fox, CBS, affiliates and 300+ other Financial, Regional and Trade News Publications.
GlobalReleaseWire Syndication Network Includes more than 4,000 websites, nearly 3,000 media outlets and more than 550 news content systems. The network also includes our industry-based potential database of 500K+ Journalists, Bloggers and influencers.

Distribution Packages Overview:

Standard Distribution Circuit

Standard Circuit includes Guaranteed Publication on MarketWatch, Digital Journal, FOX, ABC affiliates and 200+ other Premium Financial and regional News outlets.

Pricing: Starts from just $35


National Distribution Circuit

National Circuit includes distribution on Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Street Insider, MarketWatch, FOX, ABC, CBS affiliates and 250+ other Premium Financial and regional News outlets.
Syndication of your Press Release to our exclusive network consisting of Industry Curated Journalists, Bloggers and Influencers.

Pricing: Starts from just $280


Premium Distribution Circuit

Premium Circuit includes distribution on Business Insider, TheStreet, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Benzinga, Street Insider, MarketWatch, FOX, ABC, CBS affiliates and 300+ other Premium Financial and regional News outlets.
Syndication of your Press Release to our exclusive network consisting of Industry Curated Journalists, Bloggers and Influencers.

Pricing: Starts from just $390

For Disclosure News designated by NYSE, Amex and Nasdaq, Our Premium Distribution circuits ensure your news is distributed to a worldwide audience of investors, analysts and institutions while ensuring compliance with all Stock Exchanges by reaching major broker terminals, financial databases, aggregators, media and more. Distribution includes all Major Financial feeds and Databases including Dow Jones, Reuters, Bloomberg, New York Times, CNN Money, Wall Street Journal, Nasdaq, Investor’s Business Daily, and others

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